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Chapter 1. Never fails. Another fat day in the frat boy war…

Nev­er fails. Anoth­er fat day in the frat boy war zone, lov­ing­ly called The War Zone in some parts of the Deep South, finds the smil­ing pres­i­dent slid­ing anoth­er five fin­ger dis­count speech into the Mid­dle­sex Amer­i­can Saw­buck Par­ty’s spend­ing habits, and it seems he’s tak­ing no pris­on­ers with this one. Tweet, tweet. Some prayers […]

Prologue. Events No one can rightfully remember…

Decon­struc­tion along the vines of high­er learn­ing has been well on its thorny way since Her­mes took note of slim odds on per­son­al sur­vival in a God v. Man piss­ing con­test. Try­ing to keep up the ancient façade was trou­bling enough, but when God quit talk­ing and human­i­ty would­n’t shut up, even the trees in the […]

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From the ear­li­est episodes of my life, I was always sure to be found read­ing, writ­ing, doo­dling, orga­niz­ing, and with the most alge­bra­ic of pur­pos­es, goof­ing, inter­ro­gat­ing, ready­ing, doubt­ing, resist­ing, stalk­ing and prepar­ing the way for an artis­tic life not so much of grandiose deeds, but of exiled sup­po­si­tions wash­ing up against the keen but jagged […]